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Kenji Fanfic!

Yay! I'm celebrating, we got more fanfic! Thanks everyone!! ^_^ Keep writing! All fics are listed in alphabetical order, backwards. (*=new)

Watching Over You by Luna =^v^=

Untitled by Selphie

Under the Moon by Babs147907

Tri-Orb Trouble by Eos'Child

Tracey's Perfect Match by Christine Zanowic

Tracey's First Love by Emiri

Tracey and the Lugias by NeoSephiroth373
   Part 1
   Part 2
   Part 3 *

The Three Boys by SilverMarill

Lonely Dreamer by Servo-Z

The Legend Lives on by TheEspeon1
   Part 1

Enigma by Shadowcat

Always accepting more fanfic! I love Kenji fanfic... It doesn't matter if you use dub or original names or whatever.

my e-mail is here

Kenji will love you for it!