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Here is my fanfic (I used Dub names.) Note: Sakura is my own chracter and not from an anime, just the name (Sakura Wars, Cardcaptor Sakura,etc.)

Tracey's First Love

On a bright, sunny day in the Orange Islands, Ash, Misty and Tracey decided to go swimming with their pokemon.

Ash: Man it's hot. We were lucky to find this water place!

Misty: It's called an ocean idiot!

Ash: I knew that!

Tracey said nothing and Marril was worried.

Marril:Poketalk: What's up?

Tracey: Oh nothing I guess. It's just that Ash and Misty are very close and sometimes I wish I had someone that close. Ash and Misty went red at the thought and started splashing water at Tracey.

Suddenly, someone came speeding on a Blastoise and almost hit Tracey.

???: Sorry. Are you okay?

Tracy looked up and saw a young girl about his age with brown middle-lenghth hair. Tracey also noticed that she had a pokeball dangling from her neck.

Tracey: I'm alright. What's your name? I'm Tracey.

Tracey was a bit embarresed telling her his name because because it was odd for a boy, but his mother had insisted his name would be Tracey.

???: I'm Sakura. Who are your friends?

Tracey compleatly forgot about Ash and Misty and noticed they were a bit ticked off.

Ash:I'm Ash.

Misty: I'm Misty.

Sakura: Wow! Three friends in one day! Wanna come to my house for lunch?

Ash: O.K.

(If your wondering about Team Rocket, their somewhere else today)

Ash, Misty, Tracey and Sakura get to Sakura's house and started talking.

Misty: So that Blastoise is yours?

Sakura: Yep. Ever since he was a Squirtle, he was the brother I never had.

Ash: Like me and Pikachu!

Pikachu:Poketalk: Yeah!

Sakura: What about you Tracey? Was that your Marril?

Tracey: Uh huh. If you want to know about me, I love to draw pokemon.

Sakura: Really? So do I!

Tracey felt odd being with her. It was like the crush he had on Officer

Jenny though much stronger.

Sakura: Want to sleep over?

Misty: SURE!

Later that night, Sakura wanted to talk to Tracey alone.

Sakura: Ash told me that your leaving the Orange Islands tommorrow, so I wanted to give you this.

Sakura handed him a drawing- her drawing of Blastoise.

Tracey: Here.

He handed her his drawing of Marril.

Sakura: We don't need these things to help us remember.

Tracey: We have unbreakable memories.

Sakura hugged him in return.

Ever since then, Tracey never forgot his first love.