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The Three Boys

   In the family, there three boys. The oldest Kenji (not Tracey), Tracey, and Robert. Kenji was a Pokemon trainer, Tracey a Pokemon Watcher and Robert a Pokemon Breeder. Kenji beat all the leagues with his Charizard, Venusaur, Blastoise, Raichu, Lapras and Mew.

   But one day, one terrible thing happened. Drew and his brother George went to work, when Maria and her sister went to the market, and Robert was breeding a Grimer and a Muk. Tracey was playing with his Marill, and Kenji was outside playing with his Pokemon. All of a sudden he saw two large birds hovering above his house. Kenji saw that they were beating his Pokemon. They were also fighting each other. Kenji saw this and wanted to capture and introduce these Pokemon to the Pokemon League. He saw they were now fighting him. He got mad and ordered his most powerful Pokemon, Blastoise, to use a Hydro Pump. Apon this Lugia and Ho-Oh used their most strong attacks and hit the Pokemon. They all died.

    Upon this Kenji got so mad he ran to the birds. The Pokemon used their Aero Blast and Swift, which mixed and hit Kenji and the house with a powerful blast. Then they flew away. Kenji was 25 when he died. Tracey was 21, and Robert was 15. At this blast Tracey, Marill, Robert, Grimer, Muk and the new Grimer ran to the part of the house that was tottaly destroyed. Kenji was dead, and now they all knew it.