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first off i use to be sonyi320 now I'm NeoSephiroth373
second all nintendo characters are nintendo

Tracey and the Lugias
Part 1
The Journey

                                    I'm Tracey. I use to work for Professor
Oak...use to...I ran away when...he moved in....I don't want to talk about it
though. I had a dream also about seeing myself and 2 Lugias...and the
word...Kenji...who's Kenji the young me called me dream left me
with a lot of questions I needed to go to Shemunti I left late at
night...maybe...just maybe...I'll find some clue to my past and why Lugias
are my dream....
                              It was morning when I ate breakfast...well, of
course. I was an expert cooker. Being a pokemon watcher, you travel a lot and
you need cooking skills to survive. I ate my food very slowly...I was still
too sad to leave Professor Oak...but I need to figure this out. But then, the
Professor doesn't care about me, he thought I was strange...he sent in a
psychology! He was my closest friend, he was like a father to me...I never
had a father...yet he came for me. I came for him...I helped him when he was
weak...I helped him when he needed me....I did everything for him...and he
betrayed me by thinking I'm weird. He'll never understand me. Ash wouldn't.
Ash is too into pokemon to care, Misty wouldn't. She urges too much...Brock
wouldn't, he use doesn't. No one knows me, not even Team Rocket....Team
Rocket...a name I don't like to mention, I must move on. I finished my food
and continued on my journey.
  "Hmm." I said to myself. "I need a boat." I was getting no
where. I was in
the middle of nowhere. I stopped moving and got Marril and Venonat to help me
find a city. They did indeed. It was called Vermilllion City, land of
electricity. I went in and to the pokemon center where I got nurse Joy to
check my pokemon. She told me to wait for a few minutes and I did. I saw a
poster. It was a pokemon league poster. I closed my eyes and I saw myself in
what might be a vision:
                          I was 10....I wore...a yellow was on jacket was bright red... my short pants...yellow with black,
my jacket had black too. I had a pokegear on my left arm connected to my
sleeve. I was very excited...about something...but I can't remember
what....where..was I? New...Bark town...wha-that's in Johto...I wasn't born
in Johto, but the orange islands...I was born was I born...why
can't I remember?!
"Tracey!" I snapped out and saw myself back at the pokemon center. I
around to see an angry nurse Joy.
"I've been calling you for 3 minutes!" she shouted.
"I'm sorry." I said quietly.
"You pokemon are all checked and they are doing fine." she handed me
my pokeballs which contained marril, venonat, and syther. I was frowning...
"Is something wrong?" nurse Joy asked. I didn't do anything but stare
at my pokeballs...stare....stare...
"Hello?" nurse Joy waved her hand at my face.
"Oh, I'm sorry...again, I'm alright." I forced a smile.
"You don't sound alright." nurse Joy said.
"Really, I'm-AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" I was clutching my head and I fell to
the ground screaming...still clutching my pounding head. Nurse Joy was yelling
for help and asking if I'm okay, but she seemed so far away. I was
You have to have to save have to are the only
one... you can survive...remember team rocket?
Team Rocket? What does he mean by...Team Rocket? What about it?! I clutched
my head so tight. Tears came down, I was crying...another voice came...female
this time...
don't take my boy away! please!
Then a male's voice...
don't do anything stupid lady...we came for the boy the boss needs him...
then a child's voice...
I'm not going anywhere!
You most! the boss wants you!
No he doesn't and I'm not going!
please leave me and my son alone!
listen lady this child is special
he can hear pokemon...he understands what they do or say and he is most
useful to us...
I don't hear any pokemon!!!
Child, surely, you do...
No I don't!!!
I woke up and there was a bunch of peoples crowding around me. One of them
were taking pictures. My hair was a mess from clutching it too much and I was
mad that someone was taking pictures of me like this. I got up and decked
him. Everyone gasped. He was bleeding.
"Geez!" the camera boy said. "You could have told me you weren't
so picture crazed."
"Who are you?" I was raising my fist...ready to fight.
Soon, the door swung open...and team rocket appeared...not Jesse or
James...but Butch...and Cassidy....
"What do you want?!" a man said.
To infect the world from de-
"Everyone groaned.
"Hey!" Cassidy shouted. "You will listen to the motto and you
Butch! The kid!"
"Oh." Butch said. "We don't want pokemon, our orders are for the
"What kid?" Officer Jenny was there and she had police back up and
as well.
"We were ordered to take a special kid, we heard he was around here, he is
pokemon watcher or some sort..."
I gasped. I was a Pokemon could be someone else. But then I
was shocked even more when Cassidy held a wanted poster...with a picture of
"There he is!" Butch pointed to me. The two went after me, I just
stood there
crying...then I screamed loudly.....something was glowing brightly from my was a sign on my forehead...well...whatever it scared
Butch and Cassidy and I stopped screaming...I fell down and everything
          To Be Continued.....