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Tracey and the Lugias
                  I'm Tracey Sketchit. That's it. No middle name. No nothing.
I'm a pokemon watcher. I watch pokemon and sketch the one that I think is
very interseting. I've been doing this for so many years. I do this all the
time, nothing else. My life changed when I met Ash and Misty. Ash was only a
kid, stubborn and always battling to be the best pokemon master. He doesn't
use his head most of the time, but what are you going to do about it? Misty
is a little taller then Ash but still shorter then me. Misty has a bad temper
and has a problem with Ash's stubborn attitude. I think those two are lucky
to be with each other. Sometimes, I smile when those two argue about little
problems. Like I said, "It's love." Those two are getting better each
even though no one know sees it. Well, anyway, the time came when I felt
weirder then usual.
           We were in Shemunti Island where Ash was the Chosen One. In there
I saw the god...god of the sea...Lugia. When I first met him, I felt weird...It felt I knew him or something. Anyway, Ash and Lugia
saved the day and we were safe. I never told Ash and the gangs that I felt
weird seeing that Lugia...I will never tell them...this is my adventure, not
         The day came when I met Professor Oak in Pallet Town, I was very
happy and nervous. Professor Oak seem very plesae to meet me. I decided to
stay with Professor Oak while Ash and his gangs went to Johto to compete in
the Johto Leaque. Me and Professor Oak were always together. Then he came!!!!
             I was working one day in Professor Oak's lab. I was shining the
pokeballs when I saw Peofessor Oak chatting with a boy around my age on the
TV phone. I quietly sneaked up. This is what I said.
"Oh, I'm so glad you'll agree." Professor Oak said. "We really
need your
"Of course, Professor Oak." the boy said. "I'll come or my name
isn't Shawn
"Good." Professor Oak smiled." I'm sure Tracey would like to meet
"Professor." Shawn asked.
"Yes?" he replied.
"You have Tracey to help you in your lab, why do you want me?" Shawn
"Well...between you and me...Tracey..." Professor stopped to look for
right words. " Tracey wants to be like me, he has been following me for a
long time now and...well, Tracey is a little...weird."
When I heard that, I was hurt.
"Whenever I mention a Lugia, Tracey changes to another subject or keep
"I see." Shawn said.
"I know you are a good physicist and Tracey needs a good doctor, he has a
problem." Oak said.
I started to sob softly. He was sending me a doctor...he thinks I'm crazy. I
cried some more.
"I'll be there today at 6:00 p.m.
"Okay." Oak smiled and turned the TV phone off. I quickly left to my
room Oak
gave me. There, in the dark, I cried in my bed, I also locked my door so I
would me left alone. Oak came to my room.
"Tracey." Oak said, "Someone is coming." I didn't answer.
"Tracey, are you crying over something?" Oak asked.
"No." I said very softly.
"You sound like you are." Oak said again. " Listen,
"LEAVE ME ALONE!" I yelled loud enough that even Oak can get a heart
I heard Oak leave and resume crying.
                       Shawn came and I opened my door a bit and saw him.
"Tracey, He's here." Oak cried out. I slowly went downstairs. My face
was red
from tears.
"Hi, I'm Shawn." he took out a hand so I can shake it.
"I'll go my dinner." I left and went to do that.
                        At around 7:00, we hwd dinner.
"Mmm." Shawn cleared his mouth with a napkin." You are a great
Tracey." I snorted making a dangerous face at him.
"Tracey, you didn't touch your food." Oak said concerned.
"I'm not hungry." I said. In my mind I wanted to say Shawn leave this
now or I'll kill you! My purple eyes were red with fire and I was clutching
my chopsticks hard.
"So, Tracey." Shawn smiled as he began. "I heard that you are
"Actually, half japanese, he is chinese as well." Oak corrected him. I
my chopsticks even harder.
"You make great sushi." Shawn pointed to my food. "So, I heard
you like
Lugias." I was ready to poke his eyes out with my chopsticks.
"Tell me about them." Shawn smiled wickly." I heard that you felt
weird when
you saw one up close." I was clenching my teeth in anger and the next thing
knew, my chopsticks broke half. They both gasped.
"Tracey..." Oak was shocked. "You...broke your metal chopsticks,
they were
metal and you broke it to two pieces with your hand!" I sighed.
"May I be excused?" Then I quickly left.
                        The days passed by, Shawn was like the new assistant
of Oak, he did every chores I did, I was left out. I became jealous everytime
Shawn was having a good time with Oak. I cried every night in my room. One
day, I was in Oak's library reading books about lugias. It was so
fascinating, why was I so obess with them. I fell asleep reading about them.
I had a dream. I was running until I saw myself when I was 10. I used to be a
pokemon trainer myself. I competed in the johto leaque and I saw myself
battling. I was 10 when I saw a lugia for the first time. The Lugia inspired
me to be a pokemon watcher. I quit being a trainer and became a watcher. The
lugia inspired me. It was a female and a beautiful one. She was very nice to
me, she talked to me, then Lugia from Shemunti island came and they were both
smiling at me. In the middle was 10 year old me...he took his hand out and I
did the same, then the ground separted us and everything was red as a
mysterious voice cried out. My 10 year ols self and the two lugias were
crying for help!
"Please, Kenji..." my 10 year old self said." Come to
shemunti...please help us..." then he yelled and me and the lugias disappeared. Kenji, who's
Kenji, that name was so familiar...I woke up sweating  and breathing hard. My
mission was clear, I need to go to Shemunti Island. I went to my room and
packed all my stuffs and quietly went to Oak's room. He was sleeping. I cried.
"Good-bye, Professor." I said. "You've been so good to
good." I left Pallet Town crying. Oak was the closest to family. I never had anyone at all.
I cried when Ash was with his mom, Misty with her sister, Brock with his
large family. Even the guys at Team Rocket has families, I had no one except
Oak who was close, but Shawn took over. I was desparate to leave no matter
how hard I was crying to go back. My mission was...clear...go to Shemunti
Island....I must go...
To Be Continued...