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This is and will probably remain the shortest fanfic I've ever written.

Why are no specific names mentioned? So it can also be taken as a story from the POV of Justin Stewart from PRT. Justin and Kenji (Tracey) are my two most favorite characters of all time, and today I was thinking that they really do have a lot in common, and that inspired this fanfic.


Lonely Dreamer
by Servo-Z

   I didn't want to stay.
   I really didn't, now that I think of it. I feel so very lonely now that they've left. I felt devastated right away, even though it was me that choose to remain here. I feel so far away from everything, when I'm just far away from them.
   I have my studies to distract me, but that's not enough. Sometimes I sit by the window, stare out without looking, and I dream, dream about what it might be like to get out of here and back into the land of adventure, and be exploring and discovering like I used to. But all I can do is stay here.
   I used to wish my friends would come back. Come back and get me, so I could help them, so I could protect them, so we could have fun again!
   Then I realized that my friends didn't like me very much in the first place.
   How could he look up to me, yet without respect? While she just thought I was annoying.
   And then that guy came along, and he replaced me. I liked him at first. But now I think.. Why? Why did you have to replace me?
   Now no one needs me anymore.
   No one cares I'm gone.
   I feel useless.
   They left me like my other friends left me before them.
   Maybe they're even happier, think better they're better off, because now they don't have to worry about me. But I was no more reckless than they were, perhaps even more careful.
   Why can't they see that?
   Why am I an annoyance?
   I try not to think of this, I try to study, I try to help the people here around me now.
   But I can't stop dreaming. I'd much rather be out there than stuck here.
   For now, I'm just a lonely dreamer.

© September 2000 by Servo-Z

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