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The Legend Lives On
[part one]

A young fashion freak stood up in front of the class.  "From now on, I'm
Prissy," the girl, Cat Prissy announced.  From the back row, an
girl stood up.  "Yea?  Who'd you marry, sex-craver!?" challenged the
girl.  Cat put her hands on her hips and shook her head very disrespectfully.
 "I married Tracey Sketchit, Aliyah Kasuki!"  Aliyah almost fainted at
"Oh shut UP!" she shouted and a bluish light exploded from Aliyah's
The force threw Cat backwards.  The teacher, Mrs. Miceless, swung open the
classroom door.  "What's going on here!" she practically screeched
Miceless turned to face Aliyah, with her outstretched hands.  "I see that
you've been psy-blasting Cat again hmmm…?" Mrs. Miceless pondered,
her hands on her hips.  Aliyah waved in Cat's direction as if dismissing her
like a ton of space junk.  Mrs. Miceless went to her desk and pulled out a
piece of paper.  Sauntering over, she slapped the paper on Aliyah's desk.
Aliyah picked up the paper.  "it's a deten- DETENTION SLIP!" Aliyah
cried in
shock.  Mrs. Miceless nodded smirkily.  "Yes.  For insulting Cat.  Princess

Cat," she taunted.  Cat gave a squinty smile to Aliyah just as the bell
 "You all get to leave now.  Aliyah…be back!" Mrs. Miceless implied,
"Mrs. Cheney will be the teacher today.  Princess Cat, may I escort you to your
limousine?"  Cat nodded in agreement.  Aliyah rolled her eyes.  She
Mrs. Miceless and 'Princess Cat' out of the classroom.  By the door, stood a
handsome medium-length, black-haired boy wearing a green shirt and red pants.
 He had a red headband pushing his hair out of his eyes.  Aliyah and the boy
exchanged hugs.  She had medium-length brown hair and wearing a paramedic's
uniform.  Cat turned to Mrs. Miceless and tattle-telled.  "Aliyah Kasuki
and Tracey Sketchit are showing affection in school!"  Mrs. Miceless pulled
Aliyah from Tracey and scolded them.  "F***ing teacher.   Tracey, see ya
after school!" Aliyah called.  Tracey and Aliyah, boyfriend/girlfriends
waved goodbye to each other.  Tracey  muttered to secretly to Aliyah about their
date.  Reluctantly, Aliyah walked off to the detention hall.  Satisfied that
Tracey was vulnerable, Cat and Mrs. Miceless walked away.  But Cat was wrong.
 Tracey would never give up his girlfriend.  In detention hall, Aliyah, an
artist, drew a romantic picture of her and Tracey.  Tracey decided to wait
for Aliyah and went to pass the time by visiting his friend who was in the
clinic.  His friend, Roy Oshmann, got really sick in science class.  Tracey
snuck in Roy's cot room and waved hi to him.  Roy warned him not to come in,
but Tracey didn't care.  They chatted for awhile until Tracey remembered that
he was going to pick up Aliyah's limousine from the shop.  "Bye!"
Tracey called to Roy as he ran out the clinic door.  When Tracey opened his car door
a few minutes after he left, he felt a little sick.  He wiped his mouth right
before he realized Roy had barfed on his hand.  "Sh!t!" Tracey cursed
as he tried to wipe off the puke.  He kept cussing over and over until he dropped
to the graveled parking lot and vomited on the ground.  Great.  Now I'm sick
too.  Guess I'll go to the hospital first, before this gets too bad, Tracey
thought as he now wiped HIS puke from his mouth.  Tracey climbed in his car
and started it up, throwing up every few minutes.  The same time Tracey had
barfed in the parking lot, Aliyah got an emergency call.  She shoved her
picture in her art binder and splitted toward her ambulance, parked in
another parking lot.  A single white paper floated out Aliyah's binder and
settled on the desk chair.  They both pulled out of the parking lot at around
the same time and headed to the bridge that separates the two exits.  Aliyah
was driving on the left side of the road because the right side was backed up
with rush hour traffic.  Tracey's windshield was getting blurry.  But it
wasn't.   His vision was getting blurry, not the windshield.  He kept
swerving in each lane.  Finally, he stopped swerving but now he was in the
way of the ambulance.  Tracey tried to move into the next lane but it was too
late.  The car and the ambulance struck and inched closer to the edge of the
bridge.  Slowly, the ambulance pushed the car to the edge.  The hi-tech,
super-strength Plexiglas railing shattered and everyone screamed in terror as
Tracey's car plummeted to the road below.  Aliyah heard the cracking of
concrete, and she too was flung down.  The people driving close to the
accident, looked down to see the underside of an ambulance.  Most of the
drivers with handheld videophones called 911, and the operator, sensing the
urgency, sent police and an ambulance to respond.  When the responders
arrived, other medics who had heard of the accident were loading the patients
in the back of their ambulance.  The sky grew darker with the arrival of a
storm.  After the ambulance doors slammed shut, a clap of thunder announced
the rain that followed.  The paramedics did all they can, even defibrillating
the patients, but nothing that they did would revive them.  When the medics
rushed the two victims into the emergency room, the trauma doctors
immediately announced Tracey Sketchit and Aliyah Kasuki dead.