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all pokemon characters are nintendos properties

Tracey and the Lugias
Part 2

                                              I woke up.....I was in a
bed....a hospital bed. I touched my head and groaned softly. I was in
standard hospital clothes and in a bed with a wire on my hand. My head band
was off. I found it on a drawer next to me. I didn't bother to get it. It was
pretty chilly here, so I pulled a blanket over me to keep myself warm. I
sighed and thought back to what happen. I was about to be cornered by Butch
and Cassidy, but I screamed...something shiny glowed from my forehead.
Everything was black then and I ended up here. I tried to get outta bed but a
nurse came in.
 "Oh, you're awake." the nurse said. " Good. How are you
"Fine." I said rubbing my forehead. " How did I get here?"
"That camera boy took you here." the nurse said.
"Camera boy?" I asked.
Just then, the camera boy did appear with a camera, no doubt!
"Hey! You're the one I decked!" I gasped.
"Yep." the camera boy smiled. " I'm Todd, pokemon photographer
"Oh...I'm Tracey Sketchit....or at least I think I am." I rubbed my
forehead again.
"Oh." Todd smiled again. " I guess that could me right....your
forehead was glowing! Part of it anyway."
"Sorry." I quickly said.
"For what?" Todd asked.
"For punching you, stupid." I smiled.
"Oh...ok..." Todd sounded like he hated being called stupid. "
You gonna be okay?"
" I guess." I sighed. The nurse interrupted.
"Oh, it?" she asked.
"Yea." I said with my head down.
"Someone is coming to visit you, Professor Samuel Oak." she said.
I frozed, I didn't want the professor here! I was running from him! I quickly
rosed from my bed.
"What are you doing?" the nursed cried out! " You need
"No, I don't!" I cried out. I quickly got my clothes and changed.
"I'm leaving...right now!" I gathered my stuffs and quickly ran off. I didn't
wanted to leave, but I need to find my heart...who I really am...before I was
a Pokemon Watcher.
                        I was near the harbor when I saw Todd catching up to
"What the hell do you want?" I cried out.
"I'm coming with you." Todd smiled. " I feel the need for an
"I just wanna find out about myself." I waved my arms in annoyance. I
stopped talking for a while before I said, " Look, come if you need to, I don't
care." I went to get tickets.
 "One ticket to Shemunti Island." I said to the ticket man.
"One?" Todd asked. " What about me?"
"Look, I said you could come, I didn't said I'd buy you a ticket!" I
made a dangerous face at him. Todd backed off a little. The ticket man gave me a
ticket after I paided.
 "You better hurry, this boat is leaving in 10 minutes."
"Oh, crap!" I ran to the boat. I saw Todd getting a ticket and yelling
for me to slow down.
I hitched a ride with Todd close behind. By the time the boat was leaving, I
heard...him...Professor Oak. He was at the dock...with...HIM, Shawn!
"Tracey!" he yelled. "Tracey!!!!!"
 I didn't yell back, instead just stayed hidden and silent. Unless my eyes
were playing tricks on me, it looked like Professor Oak was crying, never saw
him cry in my life. I didn't do anything. The boat was already faraway.
"I'm sorry, this is for the best." I said to myself. Todd looked at me like I
had a thousand question mark on my face, yet he didn't spoke.
"So....this takes to Shemunti Island." Todd spoke a few minutes later.
"Yea." I sighed. We were in the main lobby. My pokemons were eating
foods while Todd was snapping away with his trusty camera. I saw a group of people
and went to see what the heck this was all about.
                              I saw a clefairy and a young scientist aroung
his early 20's. The clefairy was doing tricks like flips and turns. Todd came
in and started to take pictures. After that nice presentation, Todd came to
congratulate the scientist.
"You trained your clefairy well." Todd shook his hand. " I'm
"I'm Seymore....Seymore the scientist!" he answered.
"That's Tracey Sketchit." Todd pointed to me.
"Please to meet you." Seymore said.
"Hi." I quickly said.
" all headed to Shemunti Island?" Seymore smiled.
"Yea, I'm just with Tracey because he wants to go there for a reason he
won't tell me." Todd smiled.
"Oh....I just went here for a vacation." Seymour scratched his brown
"I guess we all are on our way to Shemunti Island." I sighed.
Todd and Seymour both nodded. Marril jumped up to me.
"Marril!" she squeaked.
"Well, it's going to be a while before we're in Shemunti." I sighed.
We decided to just relax.
Elsewhere in the ship, Team Rocket was planning
To Be Continued....