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Hi! Here's my Kenji fanfic.  All the names are English.
Please, I would love for you to tell me your comments:
Gengar '_'

                                          Under the moon
It was the middle of the night and Tracey couldn't sleep. Misty and Ash were
arguing over who would keep watch tonight. Of course when the two argue no
one could get any sleep. And lets not forget about poor Pikachu and Togepi
who stay awake all night making sure nothing bad happens. Tracey decided to
go for a swim while the two argue. Getting his bathing suit and wasting no
time Tracey made it to the dock.
He had his pokeballs near him just in case Team Rocket shows up unexpectedly.
(In case you wanted to know Team Rocket was on vacation.) He jumped in the
bay and as soon as he jumped in, the cold overwhelmed him. Shivering, he
secretly wish Misty was there to soothe him. He knew Ash's secret and envied
him. By the time Misty and Ash found him, he had a cold. He hadn't slept and
he stood there
waiting for someone. When they went back to the tent, he explained what
Suddenly, Misty reached out and hugged Tracey. When the 3 of them came out of
the tent, Tracey was grinning (stupidly in Ash's opinion) from ear to ear,
with Misty's arm's around his wait.