Tracy and the Lugias
Part 3

                                                  The was
so....calm...and full of live......inside is not
an empty world, but a world full of dolphins, sharks, jellyfishes, water
poke'mons like seels, dewgongs, totodile.....Misty loved water poke'mon,
yea...I miss all my friends I made.....they all had special meanings to me.
Ash's determination made me feel stronger then ever, Misty's neverending hope
for water poke'mon filled my heart with hope, Brock, although I only saw him
for a short while, his wiseness made me feel...well....smarter. They filled
with the ocean....never empty because they all have something,
but not me...I was heart was empty....something is missing in my
life...I just don't know's my pendant....yes, my
                                                 I was looking at the ocean
while the ship moved on through the sea. I took out my pendant necklace I
kept inside my shirt so as to no one can see what I have. I don't know why I
keep it in secret, I mean, it's a just a pendant to them. Well, whatever. My
pendant was actually half of the yin-yang sign....I had yin, the power of
light.  That leaves me the eternal question haunting me....where's yang? I
can tell I got the light side...people always says I'm a nice, polite, caring
person....but who is holding my yang? There must be someone who is so dark
and evil that he holds my yang side...the other half of the pendant...but
who? I have to find out.  The answer must be in Shemunti Island...I need to
know who is holding the yang...who....I wish I had more clues...
                                             "Tracey..." came a voice. I
gasped in shock to find Todd with his trusty camera.
"Oh....did I scare you? Didn't mean to."
"N-no....I'm fine." I was toying with my pendant before safely securing it
back inseide my shirt.
"Ummm...their serving lunch inside." Todd pointed to the deck. "Wanna grab a
bite to eat?"
"That's ok...I'm not hungry." I made a smile with my eyes half closed.
"Ya knowyou haven't eaten all day!" Todd waved his arms. "It's not heatlhy!"
"Well....I'm on a diet." I quickly thought of a lie.
"But your not even fat! Heck, your noy close to being fat!" Todd made a point.
"Look, I'm not eating unless I want to, got it?" I made a face that Todd
squealed about.
"Ok...Ok, chill...I'm leaving." Then Todd left me alone.
I shouldn't have yelled at him, but I'm so frustrated and confused.
                                            Nighttime came by quicker then I
thought it would. I went into my cabin where I found the top bunk occupied by
my poke'mons. I smiled as they slept so peacefully without a care in the
world. I wish I was like that.
I crawled into the lower bunk and turned of the light and fell asleep.  I had
another dream....
                                            "Your so
close...Tracey...Kenji..." The young me said.
"How close?" I asked. I didn't know where I was...
"Once in will get my clues, until then, please be patient."
"I've patient for many years! You tell me what this is all about!"
"You solved a little clue yourself..." the young me said. His cap was
covering his eyes, but they were glowing purple...very creepy.
"What's that?" my eyes were wide opened.
"You know someone is holding yang while you are yin...good for you." he
smiled so more. "You will learn more...but just hold on...." and with dream ended. I woke up sweating...
"Marril?" my marril heard me gasped...well, with her ears, of course she can
hear me. Then Venonat and Sycther woke up. They were all concerned.
"I'm fine, guys, really." I did a weak smile. I wiped of my sweat and just
before I crawl into bed, a swetay Todd came in with Seymore.
"Todd, what's wrong?" I asked as I got out of bed.
"What's wrong!?" Todd shreiked." I'll tell ya what's wrong! The boat is
"!?" I cried out.
"Well, a storm came by recently and the ship's power core was struck by
lightning causing a huge fire. Everyone of us has escape....except us, that
"Right." I quickly put on my clothes and packed up my stuffs and putting the
poke'mons back in their poke'balls, then we all left. It was a maze in the
ship as I didn't know where to go.
"Which way!?" I cried out.
"I'm trying to remember....I remember studying the ship's map...uhhhh...that
way!" Seymour pointed to a dark area.
"You sure!?" I cried out.
"Oh course I am!" Seymour said. " I remember!"
So, we went there and found ourselves in the basement of the ship.
"YAH!" I screamed. "YOU!!!!!!! We're in the basement!!!!!!!! The damn
basement of the ship!"
"Umm.....a few miscalculations...we just go back out the door and-" at that
time, the door slammed right at us!
"NO!" I ran to the door and tried to pull it loose. "Somebody locked the
door! We're stuck!"
"Who would do that and why?" Todd shrugged his shoulder.
"I-I'm scared." Seymour hugged his clefairy tight.
"CLE.....FAIRY!" she was hugged a little too tight.
"We need to find another way outta here before it's too late!" Todd was
waving his arms in the air.
"Hmmmm...I got an idea." I threw Marril and Syther.
"Syther, break that door open!"
Syther tired but it was too hard for him. "Try the walls!"
He sliced a wall to reveal an opening out to sea, I could see the life boats."
"Marril ,quickly, take Todd and Seymour to safety."
Todd grabbed onto Marril.
"I have my own source to go." Seymour smiled. "Clefairy, use your psychic
power and life me up!" and she did as he and Clefairy were in a pink bubble.
Todd and Seymour made it to the boats and Marril came back for me.
When Marril was with me, the ship started to rock...I was falling!
"Hurry, Marril!" I cried! "Swim!"
Too late, the ship sank so fast...I could taste the sea and I swear I heard
the others calling my name...My mind was was getting black.....I

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