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Kawaii Kenji Shrine

This is a shrine for Kenji of Pocket Monsters. AKA Tracey in the Pokemon dub, but what kind of a name is "Tracey"? It's a girl's name,  not to mention a bad pun, I don't know what the dubbers were thinking. For all of this page, I'll mostly use the original name, Kenji. There aren't really many Kenji pages out there, I wonder why?
Yes, I think he's cute! I mean, look at him... Kawaii!!!

07/10/2001- Sorry, I am discontinuing this page. There will be no more updates, and the mailing list is now run by someone else. Please do not e-mail me about it. If you would like to use my pictures (all the screenshots on this page were taken by me) go ahead, please. If you're interested, I have a Pocket Monsters section in my new page. Do not go if it bothers you greatly that I don't like the dub.

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