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Kenji's Story

Not much is known about Kenji's story. Just that he is a Pokemon watcher who now follows around Satoshi because he wants to meet the professor. Or maybe that was just the original reason. Now I think he was just bored. And following around Satoshi is fun!

And what was going on before then? What was he doing before then? (I mean... besides lots of Pokemon watching.) Who is in his family? Where is his hometown? We could assume he came from the Orange Islands, but we don't really _know_.

Kenji, WHO ARE YOU??? He could be Satoshi's cute long lost brother, or possibly cousin. After all, he has the same type as hair. It's just Kenji brushes his hair more. ^.^

Or maybe he was Takeshi's neighbor as a kid. Imagine Takeshi (Brock) coming back and they turn out to be best friends that parted ways a while ago.

I hope we get to hear _something_ about Kenji's story SOON!! It's driving me crazy wondering! Until then, he's the funest and easiest fanfic character to write for. So send me fanfic! ^_^