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You're probably wondering "How could anyone flame the sweet kawaii-ness that is Kenji?". Trust me, they can. And they do. And they DID. My very own Kawaii Kenji guestbook was flamed on 11/19/00 around 12:57:52 PM by "anti Tracey aka Melody". (Don't ask me why she came here, to a Kenji page.) It is very sad. Kenji is sad. So Servo-Z is also sad. I can not let this flame go un-answered. So here is my intelligent response.

(Flame= in this color, response = in this color)

Tracey is sooooo gross!!!!!!
Ummm... And where are you getting that from? Why are you flaming my guestbook? Why are you using dub names and why are you named after a dub character? Besides, even Tracey isn't that far from the original for him to be "gross". He's kawaii.

He's a girl!
Heeheehee.... I think we know for sure from certain episodes that he's a guy. And a very cute one!

Look at the hair!
::looking:: Yeah? And? Do you have a problem with Kenji's hair? I think it's so cute! If you want to make fun of someone's hair... Try Satoshi's. (Even though I am a Satoshi fan... Still, look at his hair!)

and a HEADBAND????
What's wrong with his headband? It's cute!!! ^.^ "and a HEADBAND????".... And what a headband? I don't know what to make of this phrase.

Also his voice is so high!
Okay listen up Ms. anti-"Tracey" freak! This page is ANTI DUB. (Although we don't dub bash, because it's about Kenji and not dub bashing.) I personally don't like Kenji's dub voice much. But if you listen to his awesome Japanese voice it's not "so high". It's not Kenji's fault that Mr. whateverhisnameisthatplayshalformoreofthemalecharactersinpokemon does his voice and does it badly. Plus I can think of worse voices in the dub. For example, although I like the characters, Ash (sorry to go back to you, Sato-chan) James, Jessie, Meowth, and Butch. Plus more. So if you're going to bash "Tracey", you'd better think up better reasons than his voice.

He's [she's] such a pansy! definition of pan·sy (pnz)
n., pl. pan·sies.
Any of various plants of the genera Achimenes or Viola, especially V. tricolor or its hybrids, having flowers with velvety petals of various colors.
Color. A deep to strong violet.

Kenji is not a plant.

Offensive. Slang

Okay maybe this was what Ms. (Mr.?) anti Tracey meant.

Used as a disparaging term for a man or boy who is considered effeminate.
Used as a disparaging term for a gay or homosexual man.
><... Do you have a problem with bishounen or gays? Not that there is any real proof Kenji is gay.... But he's definitely. a bishounen!

Also he's so fat he needs his own zip code!!!!!
Um... No. Kenji is often called fat by "anti Tracey" people such as yourself, but he's not. Wish I had some pics to show of that one episode where he goes swimming with Ash... But I don't. Anyway, if that's fat then you have serious problems.

and he is so rude!
Not really. Kenji is one of the more polite of the characters on the show. But I guess you'd have to see the Japanese version to understand that.

He just invited himself in the group,as Misty said.
Well, I'm sure Kenji wouldn't have stayed with the group if they were opposed to it. From this picture...

....I think it's kind of obvious that Satoshi and Kasumi doesn't mind having him come along. :)
Really, who knows where they would have ended up without him.

His hair is green too! what a freak!
No. His shirt is green. His hair is black. Kosaburo's (Butch's) hair is green. Satoshi's hair is black. Kenji's hair is black. From this picture...

KAWAII!!! Oh, anyway, look. His hair is black. The trees in the background are green. Glad you understand now.
In some fanart I've seen, along with my "Pokemon 2000" poster, Kenji's hair is green. Why? Who knows. It doesn't look that bad IMO. There's nothing wrong with having green hair. It's just his hair is black and not green, and I had to make a point of that for Ms. "anti Tracey".

I'll be sooooo glad when he leaves. He'll be happy too,with his lover, Prof. Oak! He' so gay!
>< Now our little flamer is just getting stupid.
I personally was very upset when my little Kenji left... But I don't watch the dub anymore, so I missed that episode. Hee hee.

I'd be ashamed to make this site!
Jealous of my webpage making talents, are you? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

I am very happy with having made this webpage, just in case anyone was wondering. :) Seen any particularly stupid Kenji flames? Send them my way and I'll respond to them.

And now, back to our program...